Dinner Menu

Danny’s Justa Pasta Dinner

Danny and his restaurant family welcome you to Danny’s Justa Pasta Restaurant.

For your dining pleasure, we take the time to individually prepare our variety of super starters, perfect pastas and delectable desserts. Our menu has evolved to become a healthier style of eating, including our pasta dishes which are made to order, using fresh ingredients.

We welcome all new pasta lovers to our Restaurant and we appreciate the patronage and support from our regulars over the past 28 years.

Danny’s Justa Pasta Restaurant – Where you’re only a stranger once.


Green Leaf Salad
Mixed greens tossed in your choice of house dressings; Creamy Garlic Mandarin Orange, Raspberry Lime, Japanese or Balsamic Vinegar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Greek Salad
Fresh chunks of feta cheese mixed with vegetables marinated in extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices.

Crisp Caesar Salad
Garnished with homemade bacon bits, croutons, fresh grated parmesan and romano cheese. Tossed in a creamy garlic Caesar dressing.

Pommedora Salad
Marinated roma tomatoes, shavings of fresh romano and parmesan cheese, sweet red onions, fresh cracked pepper, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Warm Goat Cheese Salad
Sautéed onions, mushrooms and leeks in a balsamic dressing. Served on a bed of mixed greens topped with oven-baked goat cheese.

Fresh Baby Spinach Salad
Served with sweet red onions, mushrooms, homemade bacon bits, and roasted pine nuts in a creamy garlic mandarin orange dressing.

Homemade Soup of the Day
Taste our chef’s fresh daily creation.

Seafood Chiopino
Homemade herbed tomato broth with a variety of seafood.

Daily Mussels Selection

Daily Escargot Selection
Try our chef’s daily creation.

Homemade Soup of the Day
Taste our chef’s fresh daily creation.

Thinly sliced raw tenderloin of beef, drizzled with sweet and spicy mustard, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan and capers. Served with warm herb bread.

House Paté
Accompanied by fresh greens, homemade jellies, gherkins, and warm herb bread.

Homemade Herb Bread
Try our delicious warm herb bread, accompanied by balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil for dipping.

Two people (4 pieces)
Four people (8 pieces)

Garlic Bread (4 pieces)
Homemade bread toasted with fresh garlic and butter.

Garlic Cheese Bread (4 pieces)
Homemade bread toasted with fresh garlic and butter and cheese.

Bruschetta (2 pieces)
Tomatoes marinated in extra virgin olive oil, chilies, fresh basil and garlic. Served on our specially toasted herb bread.

With Feta Cheese


Add To Your Pasta

Chicken Breast
Pork Tenderloin
Mixed Vegetables
Beef Tenderloin
Shrimp or Scallop

Tomato Sauce can be substituted for cream sauce.

Please advise server of any allergies.

Penne with strips of chicken breast, mushrooms, and baby spinach leaves in a tomato cream sauce.

Seafood Linguini with scallops, shrimps, halibut and mussels in a spicy tomato sauce – OR with a delicate cream sauce & herbs.

Penne with strips of tenderloin of beef, green onions, and bacon in a mushroom cream sauce.

Linguini with feta cheese sautéed in a medley of seasonal vegetables. Served with either toasted sesame oil or tomato sauce.

Linguini with smoked salmon or fresh Atlantic salmon, trio of onions, tomatoes, leeks, capers in a fresh dill cream sauce.

Penne with chopped roma tomatoes, a ton of fresh garlic, herbs and extra virgin olive oil.

Penne with pork tenderloin, shrimp and mixed fresh vegetables in a spicy Thai sauce.

Linguini with spicy Italian sausage, fresh roma tomatoes, green olives, sweet peppers and baby spinach leaves, sautéed in extra virgin olive oil or tomato sauce.

OR, for the spicy pasta lover, with curry or a black bean ginger sauce.

Penne with strips of chicken breast and assorted fresh vegetables in a curry cream sauce.

Linguini with leeks, trio of onions, marinated roma tomatoes, fresh garlic, baby spinach and chili peppers in extra virgin olive oil. Topped with a raw egg yolk.

Penne Arrabiata. This full flavoured extra spicy tomato sauce is loaded with fresh garlic and fresh herbs.

Pesto Linguini with fresh basil, garlic parmesan, pine nuts, and a touch of cream.

Linguini with ground beef, onions and mushrooms. Served with a cream sauce or a tomato sauce.

** Goat cheese tops off these pastas great!

charge for shared orders.

We specialize in take-out!

For large parties or a romantic dinner for 2, call a few hours before and your take out will be ready when you arrive. Justa heat and serve.

Special Dinner Salads

Served on your choice of a “Crisp Caesar” or a “Mixed Green” Salad

Sautéed oriental vegetables in a spicy Thai dressing

With chicken breast OR with scallop and shrimp

Tenderloin of beef with mushrooms & onions sautéed in a demi-glaze balsamic herb vinaigrette or with a warm blue cheese dressing

Fresh Atlantic salmon sautéed in a light oriental sweet & sour ginger garlic dressing

Chicken sautéed with garlic served on a baby spinach salad with seasonal fruit, onions, bacon, mushrooms & pine nuts, topped with our famous garlic mandarin orange dressing
Chicken breast sautéed with garlic on our Crisp Caesar Salad

Dressings to go 500 ml.


Soft Drinks
Soda, Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Diet Sprite, Orange, Ginger Ale
Brio Italian Cola
Sparkling Orange & Tangerine Juice Drink

Mineral Water – small or large
Bottled Italian Water 

Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, Tomato, Iced Tea, Cranberry, Strawberry Kiwi

Non-Alcoholic Beer 
Non-Alcoholic Cocktails 

Milk – small or large 
Chocolate Milk 

Hot Chocolate
With fresh whipped cream

Special Import Blend
Brewed Decaf
Add a special flavour to your coffee

Herbal Tea

From our Cappucino Bar

Café Au Lait
Flavoured Steamed Milk – Ask your server for current flavours

Cappuccino Bar Beverages available in Decaf

Ask your server about Danny’s Delectable Desserts